Nomadic creativity for a new era of freedom.

I began to learn of the world in creative ways early on as a Couchsurfing science fiction writer, hitchhiking spirituality explorer, and hustling street musician. Living minimally, I learned to work on organic farms, teach English & music, and instruct breathing meditations & yoga.

Life soon transformed into that of a crowdfunding YouTuber, where I created a full-length guerrilla film after experiencing a life-changing natural disaster that thrust me into the role of an amateur social entrepreneur.

My mission to connect with others has not only fueled my life to do whatever it is I feel happiest doing, but has enabled me to create new opportunities all over the globe.

I want to share what I've learned so you can live your own life the way you want to live it, too.

The Social Entrepreneur

I am a co-founder and President of PRCPTION Travel Inc, a non-profit media organization that coordinates production of "story-sharing" media across the globe, while encouraging creative collaborations along the way.

The project began because it was a tool I not only saw necessary for the world, but one I wanted to use myself.

Jordan Urbanovich
(the writer)

Kerouac meets Bukowski meets Thompson when a 20-something bohemian college grad with a taste for beer moves to southeast Asia after breaking up with the love of his life.

Doing the very least he can to stay afloat, his plans to develop a routine are challenged by sex and debauchery, natural disasters, and travel adventures.

There's probably a lot more I could share here. But it's not quite ready yet. Please sign up to my newsletter for now, and I'll let you know when more content is available.